‘Stoney McBlaze’ Roasts Vail Resorts For Not Paying Employees


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Does anybody else think Stoney McBlaze gives off major ‘Totally Kyle’ vibes from ‘The Amanda Show’?

We’ve seen a lot of internet hate (deservedly so) for mega-corporation Vail Resorts in recent weeks. Those folks just keep dropping the ball, and the winter sports community is fed up with it.

Who better to eloquently put our frustrations into spoken word than Stoney McBlaze (@stoneymcblaze). My guy is just not stoked right now, and had to get some words off his chest against ‘Val Resorts’. I don’t blame him.

I’ll let Stoney take it from here. He is our champion, our muse, our inspiration, our voice.

Well said Stoney, well said.

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