Gallery: Nintendo Shares More Screenshots Of Pokémon Legends: Arceus For Switch


Right, I’ve been holding off on commenting on this but here goes
I’ve been coming to NintendoLife since CVG shut its doors and I’ve loved watching the site build and even the creation of the YouTube channel

But I have to admit it but the other day I turned off the video on Arceus Legends on the YouTube channel as it was just bashing the game, I mean it’s not even out yet and although John, Zion and Alex have great analysis usually this video just left a bad taste in my mouth, it was bad within BDSP but this is even worse

As someone who grew up in the age of the home computer and trust me there were loads of limitations it got me thinking have we gone back to the bit wars? Games should be enjoyed for their playability, their enjoyment and storyline and how much it makes us happy

When I see comments online in multiple places saying the grass isn’t green enough or the water isn’t clear it just reminds me about the bit wars all again

I say, the game may or may not be perfect but instead of making comments about a tree or grass, as long as the game is good and makes you happy that’s all that matters

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