Logging for British Columbia Mega-Resort to Begin This Month


One of British Columbia’s mega-resort construction projects will soon begin. The Rocky Mountain Goat reports that logging work will commence in the next couple of weeks at the Valemount Glacier Destinations. While funding hasn’t been found yet, logging will allow for quicker construction if the contracts were to go through. Also, a local ski society wants to run a community hill on the site before the grand proposal comes to fruition. A two hundred and eighty-meter handle tow will service these initial slopes.

The plans for Valemount Glacier Destinations are immense. The ski resort will have one of the greatest vertical drops in the world, and potentially the largest vertical drop in North America at 6857 feet(2090 meters), and could potentially reach 7415 feet with another lift in the future. Other features will include multiple glaciers that allow for year-round skiing, no need for snowmaking because of the plentiful snowfall, views of the tallest peak of the Canadian Rockies (Mount Robson), a large base village, and easy access to their in-town airport. We haven’t heard much about this project since it was approved in 2017, but it looks like this ski resort will finally happen. The big question is if its full dreams and intentions will be realized.

Image/Video Credits: Rocky Mountain Goat, Valemount Glacier Destinations

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