This Mascara Hack From TikTok Gives You Huge “Zick Zack” Lashes

We’ve all been applying our favorite mascaras for so long, we could do it with our eyes closed, right? Scratch that, think of all the smudges. But the point is it’s an activity we’ve done countless times, so we don’t need anyone telling us how to nail it, thank you very much. Except… we noticed a video on TikTok that’s made us rethink everything we thought we knew.

For length and separation, we all learned to nestle the brush into our lashes, then stroke upwards, but one creator, @makeupbylxna, took to the platform to show her followers an even better way to boost your flutter.

The “Zick Zack” Mascara Method

@Makeupbylxna uses a method she’s called the “Zick Zack” where you pull your skin taut at the outer corner of your eyes, hold your mascara wand vertically, then zig-zag the brush from side to side across your lashes to coat the tip and sides of each lash.

Next, you can return to the old faithful way of combing your lashes upward from the root all the way to the tip. Remove any smudges and boom, you’ve just XXL’d your natural lashes to phwoarrr levels, and majorly boosted the volume as well as the length.

Other users have been quick to put the hack to the test. @suzi_sina‘s video showing her super-sizing her lashes by incorporating the side-to-side step has brought in over 75,000 likes.

We’ve even seen creators customize the technique. @rachelrigler posted a video layering the coats by applying in a zig-zag, then up and down, leaving it to dry, then repeating.

The best part is you don’t need any extra products. You don’t even have to add much more time with the step. It’s such an easy switch to incorporate into your routine, and it makes a whopper difference.

This story originally appeared in Glamour UK.

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