“Insulate Britain” Compares Climate Protest Deaths to WW2 Collateral Damage – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

The leaders of Insulate Britain, who continuously promote climate alarm, apparently think it is acceptable for sick people to die in ambulances which can’t get past his illegal climate protest road blocks.

Insulate Britain Invokes WW2 Collateral Damage to Justify Deaths Caused by Protests

The spokesman for Insulate Britain implicitly stated that deaths caused by ambulances forced to wait in traffic because of one of his protests was like allowing soldiers in World War Two to die in order to keep secret from Nazi Germany that the UK had cracked the code for the Enigma machine, per his interpretation of historical events he had seen in the 2014 film The Imitation Game.

Liam Norton, now infamous for his wild and frequent comparisons of his cause to the Second World War, made the comments on talkRADIO on Tuesday, while calling host Julia Hartley-Brewer a “traitor”.

Footage went viral on social media on Monday of members of the public dragging Insulate Britain protesters off of Wandsworth Bridge road, and demanding the eco-extremists let an ambulance through. While at Blackwall Tunnel, a tearful and distraught woman beggedprotesters to allow her to pass to see her elderly, ill mother in hospital. Craig Scudder of Isulate Britain later told Sky News of the woman’s plight that while it was “devastating”, the eco-extremist group’s “hands were tied”.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2021/10/05/insulate-britain-invokes-ww2-collateral-damage-to-justify-deaths-caused-by-protests/

Daily Mail reported public fury at Insulate Britain’s ambulance blocking.

Public fury explodes at Insulate Britain mastermind Roger Hallam for saying he would block ambulance with dying patient in – hours after his self-righteous acolytes  REFUSED to move for crying woman trying to get to mother, 81, in hospital

  • Climate zealot Roger Hallam said he wouldn’t have moved for woman trying to get to her mother in hospital
  • Enviro-idiots brought parts of London to a standstill for more than four hours by blocking commuter routes 
  • Demonstrators from Extinction Rebellion offshoot Insulate Britain clashed with motorists yesterday morning
  • They caused huge tailbacks close to the centre of the city on what is the group’s eleventh day of protests
  • Police have complained they lack powers to stop eco-protesters from bringing arterial roads to a standstill 
  • It comes just 24 hours after Boris Johnson and Priti Patel threatened six-month jail terms for eco-protesters 
  • ***Do you know who the woman trying to get to her mother in hospital is? And do you know who the man wearing the Camfaud uniform is? Email [email protected] or [email protected]***


PUBLISHED: 11:37 AEDT, 5 October 2021 | UPDATED: 13:05 AEDT, 5 October 2021

Britons last night erupted in fury after the mastermind of enviro-mob Insulate Britain said he would block an ambulance with a dying patient inside in order to continue his eco-protests.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Roger Hallam gave a firm ‘yes’ when asked if he would block an ambulance transporting a critically ill patient to a hospital for treatment.

The extraordinary admission, made during an interview with the Unbreak the Planet podcast, came after a tearful woman was filmed urging Insulate Britain protestors to move so she could get her 81-year-old mother to the hospital.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10059349/Public-fury-explodes-Insulate-Britain-mastermind-Roger-Hallam-says-block-ambulance.html

The following is Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton trying to answer difficult questions, like “what does your group want”, and comparing himself to legendary WW2 leader Winston Churchill. He stormed off from this interview when pressed.

I can’t help thinking Winston Churchill might not be the best historical comparison for Liam Norton’s brand of angry political rabble rousing.

Most of these kinds of people dry up and blow away after a few years, when their followers tire of their nonsense, or when they stumble and somehow fall from grace. But who knows?

After years of climate indoctrination in schools, and government failures to live up to their own climate rhetoric, there might be just enough climate frustration loose in Britain’s general population, for Insulate Britain’s Liam Norton to become a serious political player.

During times when trust in politicians is at a low point, ordinary people searching for a way forward seek anyone who displays convincing evidence of political integrity. That is why fanatics tend to do so well during troubled times. Fanaticism in an odd way can be perceived by ordinary people as an ugly form political integrity, because you can usually trust a fanatic to attempt to fulfil their mission – which is more than you can say today about most of today’s politicians.

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