How I’m Styling 2021’s Key Looks in a Modest Way


“This was a safe zone of mine for a while. I love ’70s music, movies, and fashion. The overall aesthetic is comforting to me. Although my style right now is more on the grungy, ’90s-nostalgia side, I still have so many ’70s-inspired pieces in my collection. There’s a way to do the ’70s without the over-patterned chaos we often see. 

“If you’re not comfortable in bootcut jeans, stick to your usual baggy jeans or flowy pants, or even try a layered bohemian skirt. Try a turtleneck and sweater-vest with a classic pair of Converse or even an oversize button-up (definitely try to thrift these) with a fun blazer or coat on top.

“My favorite ’70s piece in my collection is my Penny Lane coat or Afghan coat. The disco decade wasn’t shy with the shoe inspiration either—the higher the platform, the better. Besides classic sneakers, long platform boots, slip platform sandals, cowboy boots, or the current craze of Mary Jane heels work perfectly as well. This aesthetic looks incredible on everyone.”

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