The Startup Magazine Female Founder Interview: Adriana Rozo-Angulo, author of The Buoyant Business: How Simplicity Can Keep Organizations Afloat in a Stormy Economy

As part of The Startup Magazine’s Female Founder Interview series, we interviewed Adriana Rozo-Angulo, founder of international consulting firm MAS Connections and author of The Buoyant Business: How Simplicity Can Keep Organizations Afloat in a Stormy Economy.

Adriana Rozo-Angulo is an expert resource in data and analytics, using software and systems to help managers keep track of time and resources, and using blended approaches to project management. With more than 20 years of experience, including director of quality and director of operations, Rozo-Angulo has made a significant impact in the manufacturing industry. Utilizing these experiences and the principles of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, she started MAS Connections in 2011.

An adept listener and observer who has spent time on both sides of the table, Rozo-Angulo takes a holistic approach to consulting, helping clients develop impactful process improvement initiatives and roadmaps that are comprehensive, cutting-edge, and deliver high-impact ROI.

She is the author of the new book: The Buoyant Business: How Simplicity Can Keep Organizations Afloat in Today’s Stormy Economy is a #1 Amazon Best Seller in seven categories, including Business Mentoring and Coaching. Rozo-Angulo created it as a reference guide, complete with unique tools that every business professional will want to keep within easy reach.

We interviewed Adriana to get more insights into her process management expertise and her exciting entrepreneurial journey…

TSM: Can you tell us, in 10 words or less, what is the central message of your book, The Buoyant Business: How Simplicity Can Keep Organizations Afloat in a Stormy Economy?

Adriana: My book is an invitation to look deep inside the ocean of process, strategy and data.  

TSM: With a bit more detail, what are the main takeaways from the book?

Adriana:   “The Buoyant Business” is a guide that contains helpful information and concepts, all written in a simple way. It gives you advice you can use to examine your processes, build new operating models based on simplicity, sustainability, and effectiveness, that allows you to respond efficiently to any disruption. The book shows how data-driven decision making in now a critical enterprise asset, along with the different techniques you can use to have effective decision-making. It invites you to embrace the change management process.

I believe that entrepreneurs who establish processes will be liberated, allowing them to work on the vision they have for their company instead of performing everyday activities and tasks.

TSM: On the personnel side, what kinds of skill sets are you looking for that are best for implementing process transformations?

Adriana:  I like to look for…

  • Effective Communication: Good communication is very important. Not only do we need to be able to communicate the change and details, but we also need to be transparent and personal with our employees; we must understand, but also appeal to the emotions of our employees.
  • Decision Making: Having good decision-making skills involves confidence, problem solving, and the ability to identify biases. This makes it a more challenging skill to acquire, but is extremely helpful in businesses.
  • Adaptability: Being able to modify our approach to fit any changes or disruptions is what allows businesses to stay afloat against all of the issues we are bound to face. This is a key skill to have for transformation.

TSM: During the Pandemic, most jobs have been impacted in some way. How does the work-from-home trend affect the ability for companies to implement business transformation programs?

Adriana: In my opinion, it doesn’t. Actually, it expands their possibilities to a global market, both to offer and to receive services from around the world. This new trend makes it imperative that companies begin their transformation and change-management process.

TSM: You’re helping people with your book, but you’ve had a significant entrepreneurial journey that includes launching your MAS Connections consulting firm. Tell us more about what MAS Connections does? Can you tell us about a particular client success story?

Adriana: MAS Connections is a company focused on guiding our clients through their evolutionary process. We accompany them as they embrace new strategies that allows them to better their business. With this, they will be positioned as a consolidated company that has adapted to the new markets and will continue changing.

A past client of ours was a church. Churches may not seem like organizations that need processes similar to businesses, but like any organization that provides a service, it is important for them to have an efficient process. Efficient processes, metrics, and KPIs helps them establish a continuous improvement program. This was a very enjoyable project, and it was good to know they were able to react to the pandemic well due to their disaster recovery plan they had.

TSM: Going back to your early life experiences, tell us what factors influenced your decision be an entrepreneur?

Adriana:  The way companies and people complicated everything made me want to present something simpler and better. I wanted to find a new way to facilitate processes and better ways to solve problems.

TSM: As you started growing and scaling up your business, what have been the primary challenges? Hiring? Marketing? Capital?

Adriana: The greatest challenge for me has been marketing. The need to have a social media presence made this difficult, as I never liked having pictures of myself or being in videos. I am slowly working on my personal brand and getting out of my comfort zone, though, so that I can embrace this new way of marketing.

TSM: From the lessons you’ve learned on your entrepreneurial journey, what is one piece of advice you’d give other entrepreneurs that are just starting out?

Adriana: Get a mentor. You can avoid the frustrations of figuring out problems by yourself, and expedite the learning curve. When I started 10 years ago, the idea of a mentorship wasn’t as common as it is now, and I rarely asked for help. Looking back, I am convinced that my journey would have been a lot easier if I had a mentor to guide me with their expertise.

TSM:  Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?



TSM: We know a lot about you from your book and your comments today. But lastly, tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know?

Adriana:  Something most people don’t know about me is that I loved to write poems when I was younger. I had a good collection of poems that reflect my feelings throughout different stages of my teen years. Another interesting fact about me is that I love animals. While most people at the office will try to kill the spider, I try to save them.

 TSM: Awesome. Thanks so much for your time, and good luck on your future successes.

Adriana Rozo-Angulo
Adriana Rozo-Angulo, President & Co-Founder, MAS Connections

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