Wario Took Over Nintendo’s Twitter And It Was Horrible

Wario Nose

Does anyone else remember that trend of “hacking” into your friend’s social media whenever they left it unattended, and posting things like “ha ha my bum smells”? We certainly do, and we were glad those days are long behind us…

Except they’re not, because Wario just “hacked” into the Nintendo Twitter account. And by “hacked”, we mean “someone hired the social media manager to pretend to be Wario, which sounds like it would be a nightmare, but honestly we think it would be quite fun”.

Here’s what Wario got up to on his Friday afternoon on Twitter:

Wario harks back to 2018, when he said a very similar thing. We can’t blame him, because that is basically his catchphrase.

Wario goes golddigging in his own face. What a charmer.

Wario talks about farts. Isn’t it interesting that what Nintendo considers to be the evil opposite of Mario is just a really gross, stinky guy? You’d think that Mario, as a plumber, would be stinky, too.

However, this is a very relatable statement. We are also often full of farts.

Wario runs a poll to find out who is the best. The winner, to no one’s surprise, is Wario.

A reminder that Wario, face of WarioWare and lover of bum-smells, is a very stinky boy.

Apparently, Wario gets bored of Twitter, because “Twitter stinks”. Honestly, it seems like Nintendo really needs to figure out once and for all what Wario’s stance on stinking is, because it’s pretty unclear.

Anyway, WarioWare: Get It Together! is out now, and we have it on good authority that it does not, in fact, stink. In a good way, that is.

Are you stinky? Let us know in the comments.

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