VIDEO: Moose Attacks On The Rise In Colorado (Twice In Winter Park In Past Week)


Animals“We just hit head-to-head and she knocked me full force in the head. She kicked me in my ankles, and she broke my back and she broke my arm, and she just threw me around and I got up which was stupid. I got up because I think I wanted to see if I was alive, and she just attacked me again.” –Diane Joy Israel

Moose encounters with Humans are on the rise in Colorado’s high country. Twice in the past week visitors in Winter Park have been injured in moose attacks, and similar attacks have been reported in Steamboat and Glenwood Springs. If a moose launches an attack on you experts suggest you find the biggest object you can to put between yourself and the ani

Dangerous conflicts between people and moose are increasing. This video provides some simple precautions to help avoid and minimize dangerous encounters:

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