Bear Takes Down Bison In Front of Hikers at Yellowstone


Visitors to Yellowstone National Park, America’s wildlife amusement park, are no stranger to their fair share of crazy wildlife encounters. It seems like there’s a new clip coming out every week that could be featured on Planet Earth if the witnesses had better cameras.

Some hikers were watching a herd of grazing bison when a grizzly started attacking and ripping chunks out of a yearling. The young bison put up a good fight, but was ultimately no match for the grizzly.

This video is titled as a “fight” between the grizzly and bison, but it more so seems like the grizzly was just slowly killing the bison by taking enormous chunks out of its back. Do bison feel pain like humans? I find it so strange that it’s just standing there as grizzly teeth sink into its flesh repeatedly. Maybe it was just in shock…

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