Generate More Power with Your Left Leg


Aimee Cho has been hooked on golf since the age of six. Playing for the University of Florida. Aimee was selected to be on the NCAA All-American Team and SEC First Team two years in a row and was only the 2nd freshman in UF history to be the SEC’s individual golf champion.

After graduation, Aimee played professionally for 10 years, living out a childhood dream of playing golf professionally and participating in iconic events as the US Women’s Open in 2006 and 2013.  After retiring from pro golf because of chronic back problems, Aimee worked as a television broadcaster providing golf advice on a Korean television station in Los Angeles and coaching students of all levels in golf.

The ‘Golf with Aimee’ Youtube channel now has over 32 million views and carries hundreds of high-quality golf lessons in English and Korean. For more information, visit Aimee’s website at and follow Aimee on Instagram and Twitter

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