BEEF VOTE: Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman OR Peyton Manning vs. Mike Vanderjagt

(3) Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman

First Round Analysis: OBJ and Norman dethroned the Harbaugh-Sherman beef, which as we saw in the other NFL matchup can really pack a punch. Then again, these guys LITERALLY packed a punch when they squared off as a Giant and a Panther. They barely edged out the coach-player beef, 51 percent to 49 percent. It’s memorable, it’s exciting, it’s just quality beef.

Beef Breakdown: Beckham and Norman faced off for the first time late in the 2015 season. The Carolina Panthers were undefeated, the six-win New York Giants were still very much in the NFC East conversation, and yet the receiver-corner duo took top billing. It turned into an incredible game, but the main story was the more incredible beef.

Best Known For: That Panthers-Giants game was amazing and they legitimately forgot about the whole “football” part of football.

Odell Beckham Jr’s beef with Josh Norman was a hard-hitting, media-fueled drama

(2) Peyton Manning vs. Mike Vanderjagt

First Round Analysis: Peyton and his idiot kicker easily handled Chip Kelly and LeSean McCoy, which makes me wonder what we did to Philly fans who didn’t show up for this one or the Owen-McNabb beef. Anyway, the big-headed one and Mike Vanderjagt live on to face some spicier competition. They’ve got the higher seed, but that just means it could be a further fall.

Beef Breakdown: Throughout his long and accomplished career, Peyton Manning was smart enough to avoid saying things to the media that would rile up his opponents or come back to bite him. Except the one time, in the middle of the 2003 Pro Bowl, he trashed Mike Vanderjagt, because Mike had trashed him and Tony Dungy a few days earlier. Everyone said they were sorry, but that brief feud created a narrative that never really went away, even after Vanderjagt left Indianapolis.

Best Known For: Manning calling Vaderjagt “my idiot kicker,” deserves its own spot in Canton.

Peyton Manning and his “idiot kicker” had a brief beef, but the football world never let it die

Matchup Prediction: I think OBJ and Norman have this one in the bag. Theirs is so memorable that the story has hung around in a way that really helps in a bracket like this. It won’t be surprising if Peyton advances, but wouldn’t put my money on them.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through April 4, then the Elite Eight will begin on April 5.

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Which beef is best?

  • 61%

    Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman

    (42 votes)

  • 38%

    Peyton Manning vs. Mike Vanderjagt

    (26 votes)

68 votes total

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