BEEF VOTE: Odell Beckham Jr vs. Josh Norman OR Jim Harbaugh vs. Richard Sherman

(3) Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman

Beef Breakdown: Beckham and Norman faced off for the first time late in the 2015 season. The Carolina Panthers were undefeated, the six-win New York Giants were still very much in the NFC East conversation, and yet the receiver-corner duo took top billing. It turned into an incredible game, but the main story was the more incredible beef.

Best Known For: That Panthers-Giants game was amazing and they legitimately forgot about the whole “football” part of football.

Odell Beckham Jr’s beef with Josh Norman was a hard-hitting, media-fueled drama

(6) Richard Sherman vs. Jim Harbaugh

Beef Breakdown: Richard Sherman’s beef with Jim Harbaugh was petty, never-ending, and altered both of their careers. It started at Stanford where Harbaugh coached Sherman for four years. It didn’t take long for their relationship to get rocky and spill into all of our views. From a position change to both player and coach jumping to the NFL, we all remember the big moments from the beef. The tricky thing is there was more going on that any of us knew at the time.

Best Known For: Just like Sherman vs. Crabtree, everybody remembers this one for Sherman’s rant after the NFC Championship, which was really directed at Harbaugh all along.

Richard Sherman’s career-altering beef with Jim Harbaugh will never end

Matchup Prediction: This should be a very tight 3-6 matchup, but I feel like the fireworks of OBJ vs. Josh Norman were so wild that they’ll win out. Regardless of who wins, both have a solid chance of going deep in the bracket.

Relive each episode and let us know below which beef is best. Voting is open through March 31, then round two will begin on April 1.

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