This fail-filled cricket masterpiece is a work of art

You don’t need to understand cricket to appreciate the artwork that is this clip.

This European Cricket Series match between Stockholm and Varmdo CC devolved into chaos on one bowl when almost everyone on the pitch failed at their job — leading to a keystone cops caper of epic proportions.

The keeper dropped the catch, then he botched the throw, then a fielder missed catching again, then another dropped the ball, then he botched the throw as well, before one final failed pickup.

If you’re following along at home that’s six errors on one play, which has to be a record or something. I don’t want to besmirch the fine name of Varmdo CC, so we’ll just appreciate this moment for what it is: Art. Nothing is more impressive than the level of failure stemming from this one play. It should be in the Louvre, or at least turned into a NFT highlight and sold for $1M. No, don’t do that.

Unfortunately the fail-filled Varmdo lost the match, but they won my heart.

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