Rob Gronkowski is in a new action movie where he dies 140 times

Rob Gronkowski put another Super Bowl win to his resume in 2021, now he’s got something else to add: Dying in an action movie. The straight-to-Hulu movie Boss Level is streaming now, and Gronk last exactly two minutes and six seconds before taking a knife to the head.

Playing the role of “Gunner,” which is more indicative of his job title than an actual name, Gronk turns up snarling almost as soon as the opening credits end, trying to gun down our hero Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo). Gronk kills an assassin in Pulver’s room by accident, takes the blade to the dome, then accidentally spins his minigun and kills the helicopter pilot. It’s a lot of death in a short period of time, okay.

Boss Level is a weird, glorious kind of movie that’s equal parts video game and Groundhog Day. It’s an absurd popcorn action movie that has Pulver dying over, and over, and over again — only to repeat the day once more in an effort to save his ex wife. This means in the film’s canon Gronk dies over 140 times in a variety of incredible ways.

I’m not going to go so far as to say the movie is “good,” but it’s incredibly dumb, and fun — also Mel Gibson is the bad guy in it, because why not.

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