Adidas is going to sell literal giant clown shoes

When it comes to fashion I’m not going to yuck anyone’s yum, because frankly, I’m the least fashionable person on the planet. However, I am secure enough in my style choices to know that these are absolutely ridiculous.

These shoes are absolutely real. I promise. It’s a collaboration between Adidas and Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, who when asked what he wanted for his signature style said that he wanted the longest shoes in human history. Now they’re obliging.

The least practical shoes in existence, which look like if Pinocchio’s feet told a lie, will absolutely not make it look like you’re compensating for something. I’m not even sure anyone could walk in these without falling on their face — making their sole use appear to be to photographed.

Cash told NME a little more about the design, and it’s a hilarious justification for the giant clown shoes.

“Both the ‘angel’ and the ‘devil’ live in me at the same time – two opposites that are constantly fighting with each other,” Cash said of the design. “So why hide one side of your personality when they can perfectly coexist with each other. Shouldn’t be too good or too bad. Balance is needed.

The sneakers will be sold in both a black, and white color way in a limited run. They’re the perfect accompaniment for an evening at the big top, or hiding copious amounts of drugs in.

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