Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Explained (and How to Do It at Home)

With in-spa treatments still limited and the importance of self-care at an all-time high, we’ll take any chance we get to incorporate a new wellness practice into our routine. We’re especially interested in practices that gently support the body’s detoxification—bonus points if it comes with beauty benefits. From foam rolling to massage, the lymphatic drainage massage deserves attention.

Regular lymphatic drainage sessions can strengthen the immune system, help reduce cellulite, and improve your mood, all while sculpting the body.

To get the scoop on everything lymphatic massage, we chatted with Gianna de La Torre, acupuncturist and co-founder of Wildling, a holistic beauty brand that focuses on beautiful, thoughtfully-crafted tools for time-tested skin rituals. (Their Instagram is one of my favorite spots for gua sha tutorials). Gianna de la Torre is a wealth of knowledge, having been in the wellness industry for 20 years, first as a yoga teacher, then an acupuncturist, and most recently as a Wildling co-founder. She is passionate about easy practices you can do at home to improve your health and well-being and gently support your body and beauty routine.

Join us as we dive into lymphatic massage and learn everything from what it is exactly to how you can do it yourself at home.

How did you find yourself in the world of holistic wellness and journey into gua sha?

My interest in wellness started when I was a child. My dad is a doctor and I grew up going to extravagant meetings hosted by drug companies. I’ll just say that was enough to send me on a journey toward alternative medicine. I went to four years of acupuncture school, not many people know that it requires nearly 100 more hours than medical school. Gua sha was my first love of Chinese Medicine because I was able to use the technique effectively as a student to reduce pain, fever, and illness in my patients. It’s an incredibly powerful healing modality but is also a tool used safely at home. The lymphatic system doesn’t pump itself so it relies on us moving our bodies or doing massage for proper circulation. At Wildling, we are passionate about sharing simple gua sha rituals that help you look and feel better in a relatively short period of time. We created a beautiful dry brush and a body gua sha stone specifically for this. We call it the Aura Ritual.

What is the lymphatic system and why is supporting it important?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels in the body that carry waste material out of the tissues to detoxify the body. In our culture, it has garnered a lot of attention lately because it’s easy to live a stagnant lifestyle. If we work at desk jobs, eat unhealthfully, and suffer from poor digestion, it’s a recipe for suboptimal fluid metabolism. This is one of the reasons that we look or feel puffy. The biggest lymph in the body is the Spleen. According to Chinese medicine, the Spleen Qi is damaged by eating too many sweets, sitting, worrying, overthinking, etc. Does this sound anything like 2020?

What is lymphatic drainage massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage, or manual lymphatic drainage, is a specific technique that is done by licensed massage therapists. I’m more interested in teaching regular, nonprofessional people how to encourage lymphatic movement in their own bodies so that they can feel and look better. The Aura Ritual does this so beautifully.

What benefits does it offer?

It encourages lymphatic flow as we just discussed, it relieves tension, and it also breaks up the fascia adhesions in the tissue that create cellulite. Cellulite isn’t really about fat, it’s about fascia (connective tissue). Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin. The result is toned, smooth, sculpted skin.

How to do it yourself:

Lymphatic massage strokes are gentle, light, slow, rhythmic, and nurturing. You want to move lightly and intentionally rather than hard and fast. Try to massage the fluid in one direction: toward the lymph nodes, not in circles. Be sure your skin is moisturized before beginning so your tool (or hands) glides over the skin rather than pulling.

Watch the lymphatic massage tutorial below or you can see the full four-step Aura Body Gua Sha Ritual in action here.

STEP ONE: Detoxify

  • AURA SWEEPER — Dry brushing stimulates lymphatic flow and warms up the tissues for gua sha. It’s an essential step in activating the skin and maximizing results. Use before a shower.

STEP TWO: Activate

  • AURA ACTIVATOR — French seaweed-infused body serum hydrates, plumps, and enriches the skin with minerals. Use after a shower, or directly following dry brushing if you’re skipping the shower, and before the Aura Oil.


  • AURA OIL — Powerful whole plant oil infusion that boosts circulation, promotes activation of lymphatic processes and helps to contour the skin. Use after the Aura Activator has absorbed for hydration and/or to prepare for gua sha.

STEP FOUR: Release and Smooth

  • AURA STONE — A multi-action tool crafted from sustainably sourced Bian stone massages whole plant actives into the skin while stimulating the tissues of the body, releasing tension more effectively than hands alone.

Is there an optimal time of day to do it?

Nope, anytime is great. Ideally, you would incorporate it into your shower routine, but this isn’t mandatory.

How can you expect to feel afterward?

Invigorated, like you’ve had a massage.

What tools will you need for it?

Ideally the Aura Collection. We also address puffiness in the face with the Empress Collection, our facial gua sha system.

Scroll on to shop some of our favorite tools for lymphatic drainage, plus the Wildling Aura Collection.

Wildling Aura Stone

A multi-action body gua sha the Aura Stone is designed to stimulate lymph flow, help to release muscle tension and smooth the fascia.

Wildling Aura Collection

This four-part bodywork routine includes everything you need to help soothe skin, release tension and stimulate lymph flow throughout the body. The set includes the Aura Stone, the Aura Sweeper (a dry brush for the body), the Aura Activator (a body serum),  and Aura Oil (a body oil).

De La Heart Lymphatic Drainage Body Tool

Made from 100% pine, we love the unique shape of this tool and how the curves perfectly fit the different contours of the body.

Esker Allover Roller

Designed specifically for the body, the textured roller breaks up fascia to reveal smoother, more toned skin.

Detox Mode Body Crescent

Made of beech wood, this body crescent is designed to perfectly curve across the body and stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

We love the long handle on this for reaching all those hard-to-reach spots.

goop G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush

Sleek and simple, the curve in this brush gives the perfect pressure without being too intense and damaging the skin.

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