NFL podcast: Landing spots for Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Matthew Stafford

The three rules of real estate are location, location, location. The same can apply to NFL quarterbacks. Due to a variety of circumstances, we should be seeing more QB movement this offseason than we have in a long time – including movement involving some of the biggest names at the position. When it comes to those names, where, exactly, are the best spots to end up?

That is the exact question Brandon Lee Gowton and I looked at in today’s SB Nation NFL Show. When it came to the most accomplished name on the list, Brandon had a locale in mind that would certainly infuriate a lot of NFL fans.

“My top target for Rodgers, and I don’t know how realistic it is, but for me it’s Rodgers to the Patriots. The Packers don’t want him in the NFC still, so why would they trade him to a team in the NFC? Get him into the AFC – the Patriots need a quarterback. Bill Belichick might know a thing or two about managing a guy who is a really good quarterback but also has a strong personality.”

I’m pretty sure pairing the greatest coach of all-time with another future Hall of Fame quarterback would make the majority of NFL fans sick to their stomachs, but it would be an incredible move from New England’s perspective if they were willing to give up the assets to pull it off.

Be sure to listen to the rest of the episode to hear the top spots for the two other biggest names on the QB market, Deshaun Watson and Matthew Stafford, in the player below.

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