NFL Playoffs 2021: Refs miss hold on critical Bucs interception

In what could be a game-defining moment in the NFC Championship, Buccaneers defensive back Sean Murphy-Bunting pulled off one of the best interceptions of the season, but not before holding the heck out of Allen Lazard.

The Bucs and Packers have been locked in a game full of big-plays on both sides, which has meant that every single down could result in a touchdown or a major game. There isn’t any dinking and dunking happening in Lambeau, which means moments like this are all the more important.

Here’s the thing: Refs miss this kind of stuff all the time, so on a large-scale level it’s not worth getting worked up about. However, this was a critical moment in the most important game of the season so far for these teams.

The Packers will receive the kickoff to start the second half, so obviously it’s far too early to make definitive statements about one play that closed out the first half, however the NFC Championship looks very, very different if Green Bay had marched down the field and scored once more before receiving the ball.

This could be a play we look back on and see its importance when the game is over.

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