Savory Spirit Distilled With Turkey Breast

Vegans and vegetarians, look away: This meaty tequila is not for you. Drawing on a tradition found in mezcal, Maestro Dobel is launching Pavito pechuga tequila, calling it a world first. The triple-distilled spirit incorporates Mexican fruits and spices, plus a whole turkey breast, into its production process, lending it a rich and savory character with notes of pineapple, pepper, and anise.

“We were inspired to create Pavito, drawing from centuries-old, ancestral Mexican agave distillation techniques and traditions, which were used to create a liquid reserved for the most special occasions and celebrations,” says Alex Coronado, maestro tequilero and head of production. “This process has never been used in tequila.”

Up until now, mezcal has been the traditional medium for pechuga agave spirits (pechuga means “breast” in Spanish). Artisanal and ancestral distillers have often incorporated nuts, spices, and seasonal fruits into the second or third distillation, along with a turkey or chicken breast, rabbit, venison, or other meat (we’ve even heard tell of iguana).

Hung inside the still, the meat yields protein, fat, and collagen as the spirit vapor rises, which creates a silky, unctuous texture on the palate, as well as savory flavors. (The meat goes in raw, but the hot steam takes care of any potential bacteria that might be present. No salmonella here!)

Maestro Dobel Pavito follows the mezcal tradition and incorporates fruits including pineapple, apple, and banana; spices such as cinnamon, sugar cane, and tejocote (Mexican hawthorn); and a whole turkey breast. The tequila starts out as Maestro Dobel Silver, double-distilled from 100 percent blue agave sourced from a single family-owned estate in the lowlands of Jalisco. After the second distillation, the fruits and spices are added for a brief maceration period, then the tequila is distilled a third time, this time with the turkey breast at the top of the still.

Founded by 11th-generation distiller Juan Dobel in 2003, Maestro Dobel is no stranger to innovation. In 2016 it debuted Humito, a silver tequila whose piñas were smoked over mesquite wood in an homage to the traditions of the 1600s. Maestro Dobel also lays claim to creating the first cristalino tequila, a style that’s exploded in the last few years. The brand debuted Diamante cristalino, made with reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequila in 2009.

Tasting Notes: Maestro Dobel Pavito

The fruit in this tequila immediately makes itself known in aromas of canned pineapple, sweet banana, and stewed apples. Warm spices overlay flavors of cooked fruit and agave on the silky-smooth palate, rounded and softly textured from the use of turkey breast, but never tasting like a Thanksgiving dinner. Full-flavored and easy to enjoy—we recommend sipping from a Mexican-style clay copita for full effect.

Maestro Dobel Pavito is priced at $60, which is considerably less expensive than many pechuga mezcals, and is bottled at 40 percent ABV. Pechuga mezcal is often consumed for special occasions, like weddings, baptisms, and festivals. With the holiday season just around the corner, that makes this pechuga tequila the perfect pairing for your turkey dinner.

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