JH: Was there a specific moment where you realised you wanted to create things and tell stories?

EM: It’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment, I’ve been doodling and sketching since as far as I can remember. In grade school, teachers would seize my notebooks because I’d be drawing comics during class. However, I’d say it truly cemented for me when I started helping my older brother make live action short films. I’d help him with storyboards or sometimes even act in them and when he’d put it all together it would blow my mind. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue not long after.

JH: Your film “Lightcatchers” has quite a unique visual style, what’s your process for creating this particular kind of animation?

EM: Thank you! “Lightcatchers” was animated almost entirely in virtual reality using an application called Quill that allows you to draw and animate in three-dimensional space. The process is like an amalgam of stop-motion and traditional 2D animation, where the characters and environments are initially drawn and painted but, because they are three-dimensional, can be posed frame by frame like puppets. After the animation is done, it’s taken into the game engine Unity, where lighting and post effects are added to enhance the visuals. I was hoping that by working in this way I could blend elements of both 2D and 3D art in a way that feels natural and unique.

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