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Located in the Longhua district of Shenzhen, the Loop is a design proposal for kindergarten including 3 grades and 18 classes. The project’s unique design is based upon three interlinked concepts: The Infinite Roof; Two Courtyards; and The Sustainable Campus. THE INFINITE ROOF The roof (and defining gesture) of the project is based on the mathematical symbol for infinity: “∞”.

This symbol is extended across the site to create a sinuous roof form that is split in section to create a continuous looped public space—the limitless nature of the concept leads directly to a limitless public zone. This continuous rooftop is covered in a natural wood material that creates visual warmth, promotes a connection to nature, and provides an open space for social interaction and play.

The continuous roof is supported via a glulam wood structure that further connects the building to nature and adds warmth to the interior and exterior spaces below.
The expressive roof form comes down to the ground at the northwest corner of the site to allow children and visitors to enter the public space of the roof.

Programmed zones including: learning spaces, administrative spaces, and service zones are located within a clear architectural massing defined by the roof gesture.TWO COURTYARDS The looping form of the roof creates two separate courtyard spaces, each of which plays a specific role within the project. One courtyard serves as the primary entry space of the project, while the second courtyard serves as a playground space for the children.
The classroom spaces are single-loaded along the looping form, allowing each space to enjoy views into the courtyards, allowing for generous access to natural light and air.

The narrow profile created by the single-loaded configuration allows for natural ventilation, which promotes sustainability and overall health.
The public space that exists between the two courtyards is a dynamic zone defined by the intersection of the “loop” form. It serves as a nexus between the two main courtyards and also allows the larger design concept to be seen and understood from within the project.

THE SUSTAINABLE CAMPUSThe form of the building itself promotes sustainable design. The looping roof form creates extensive shading in the courtyards that minimizes solar gain and increases user comfort. The courtyard typology created by the “loop” promotes natural light and ventilation, while extensive plantings promote air quality, minimize stormwater runoff, and increase occupant health.

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