Golf Business News – Golf Guru app aims to give players the mental edge

Golf Guru, an app that provides mental skills coaching to increase performance for golfers, has launched onto the App Store and Google Play.

From aiding the common first-tee nerves to calming restless minds on the putting green, Golf Guru brings an innovative and essential drive forward in performance enhancement. The app features mental game lessons that teach visualisation, pre-shot routines, meditation, breathing and other core cognitive skills in real-time. The sole purpose is to create happier, healthier-minded users who enjoy golf more and shoot lower scores. 

The Golf Guru app gets to know the user and their mental game from the first interaction, helping them establish their ‘Golf IQ’ and then choose guided audio sessions that will increase it and track progress over time.

Golf Guru’s team of eight includes golf, meditation, psychology, consumer marketing, brand and app development experts – with experience at Headspace, Adidas, and the European Tour.

“We want Golf Guru to be the 15th club for players,” said James Sinclair, co-founder of Golf Guru – a golf psychology expert and experienced meditation practitioner. “We know from years of experience that it’s the mind that holds the key. Almost all of the golfers that we speak to in our market research or anecdotally tell us their performance improves after using the app and how it’s an element they’ve never fully considered before, unlike endless hours practising technique.”

The recently launched app has already attracted 1,500 subscribers, with 85% of users reporting scores of 5/5 in terms of having a calm and clear mind after listening to the app’s mental game lessons. 

The Golf Guru app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play, with a subscription costing £7.99 a month or £29.99 for six months. 
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The Golf Guru app is designed to help golfers overcome nerves, focus the mind, and learn other cognitive skills to help them play their best golf

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