A modest BBC docudrama suggestion – Watts Up With That?

9 June, 2021

Open Letter to the BBC:
A modest BBC docudrama suggestion
re:  University of East Anglia ‘Climategate’ scandal to be turned into film
Dear BBC,
Rather than disband the creative team who undertook the daunting project of whitewashing the revelation that leading climate scientists had been manipulating & withholding data, hiding evidence, flouting FoIA laws to illegally evade legitimate requests for data needed to replicate scientific studies, and blackballing skeptics, to promote the CAGW scare, may I suggest that you make “The Trick” the first in a series. For the next one, you can tackle the second-worst scientific scandal in modern history: Piltdown Man (click to enlarge):


Put a mustache on Jason Watkins, and he’s a dead ringer and natural to play the “brilliant amateur archaeologist” Charles Dawson, who spliced bone fragments from dissimilar skeletons to create the illusion of the “missing link”  (
click to enlarge):

It shouldn’t be much of a stretch for Mr. Watkins, after playing the brilliant UEA CRU climate scientist, Phil Jones, who spliced fragments from dissimilar graphs to create the illusion of the “hockey stick” temperature graph  (
click to enlarge).


If you undertake this project, please mention me with a footnote in the credits.
Warmest regards,
Dave Burton
Cary, NC  USA

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