NFL Podcast: Deshaun Watson could go to the 1 team no one is considering

Now that we know Deshaun Watson has officially requested a trade from the Houston Texans, fans of almost every single NFL team have visions of Watson suiting up in their favorite colors. Anyone with even a hint of an issue at quarterback has to at least pick up the phone and call new Texans GM Nick Caserio.

One such team would be the Dallas Cowboys, who have seemingly gone out of their way not to sign Dak Prescott to a long-term contract extension. Despite extensive negotiations, the two sides haven’t been able to come to an agreement. If Jerry Jones ever got frustrated and decided to use Prescott swing a Deshaun Watson deal, what would it take? Blogging the Boys’ RJ Ochoa and I discussed that in Thursday’s SB Nation NFL Show.

RJ suggested that Prescott and two first round picks should be about enough to get the deal done, but I wasn’t so sure. If I’m Houston and I’ve got at least half the league checking in, I am going to squeeze teams until it hurts before agreeing to any deal. I would be moving on from a top-five quarterback who is 25 years old. You can be darn sure I am getting a king’s ransom in return.

Hear the whole conversation in this episode of the SB Nation NFL Show, which you can find in the player below, with the link, and on all major podcast platforms.

Other topics covered during the episode

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