Buffalo stores are stocking up on tables for Bills fans to break

An extreme demand requires a big supply, and when it comes to the Bills being in the AFC Championship game there’s one thing everyone needs.

While we don’t know exactly which store this is, local reporter Ali Touhey said a store in Amherst, NY had this exact display, also in the Bills section of the store.

Looking at Dick’s website there is an abundance of folding tables available. My local stores show limited inventory, but in Buffalo every area store is stocked up fully. Checking Brickseek, a tool that allows you to see inventory at Walmart, similar folding tables are in stock locally for me too — with each store having 2-3 units. Meanwhile in Buffalo stores have 6+ showing.

So yes, this means that local retailers prepared in advance for Bills fans to buy tables, and presumably smash themselves through them to celebrate the AFC Championship. This also means that we’re going to get a ton of INCREDIBLE videos this weekend.

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