12 Delicious One-Pot Recipes for an Easy Dinner Tonight

Real talk: I’d be embarrassed for anyone to see the current state of my sink right now. Piles of plates, a leaning tower of mugs, pans I didn’t even know I owned – the disarray honestly feels a little too much like the general state of things right now. You’d think that someone came over and threw a little dinner party while I was on zoom calls in the other room, but turns out, the daily pile-up of dishes is just one of the consequences of making every meal at home during quarantine. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ready to make life in the kitchen a little easier.

Now that it’s cozy season, I’m feeling a renewed excitement to cook while keeping my fall meal prep to a minimum.

One-pot meals to the rescue, not only thanks to their simple cleanup, but also because they’re easy to prepare and almost always delish. We’ve rounded up the best one-pot recipes for fall from comforting curries to hearty soups that will save you time and effort without sacrificing taste.

Scroll on for the coziest one-pot meals we’re loving right now. 

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