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EDUCATION AID: Aiming to boost its attractiveness and aid its upcoming students financially, Istituto Europeo di Design, or IED, said Monday it is supplying 100 scholarships for its three- and five-year courses that begin in October.

The scholarships will be distributed across the school’s six Italian campuses located in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Cagliari and Como, which is also known as Accademia di Belle Arti Aldo Galli.

Each scholarship will partially cover the tuition for the first year.

Students are required to submit their applications on a dedicated web site by Sept. 17 before taking a test that will encompass both a written exam and the presentation of a creative project. The latter should be based on the theme of distances, in a reference to the months of lockdown and confinements imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Further highlighting its commitment to provide the more financially troubled students a chance to enter the school, IED has partnered with the Fondazione Francesco Morelli, the foundation dedicated to the school’s founder, to offer 50 vouchers to some of the same students who will receive the scholarships. These will further reduce the tuition fee.

As the pandemic was spreading in Italy and elsewhere, online lessons substituting physical classes and the increasingly tough economy seemed to undermine the attractiveness of universities, especially artistic and fashion institutes, given their need for manual coursework and their often expensive fees.

IED, which offers courses in different creative fields including fashion, design, visual arts and communication, is implementing a blended model for the upcoming academic year. The school said physical lessons dedicated to manual coursework will be flanked by remote and e-learning modules.

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