6 Fun Workouts To Try If You’re In a Fitness Rut

It makes perfect sense: if we actually enjoy a workout, we’ll most likely stick with it. So if you regularly find yourself having to drag yourself to exercise, it may be time to change things up! A great place to start is to move your focus from outcome (i.e. trying to fix something about the way your body looks) to the experience. Focus on breath, the good vibes from the people around you, how your muscles feel doing the movements, the music playing, the endorphins that are kicking in, etc.

Reframing your mindset is the first place to start; trying something new is the next step!

It’s easy to get in a rut with your same old run, class or gym routine, and we’ve found that one of the best motivators for sticking to your workout is to mix things up. It also adds a new challenge for your body and mind since they have to adapt to the new situation. As we move into a new season, try one of these six outside-the-box exercises to help you actually stick to your fall workout plan.

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It’ll be hard to get bored with access to over 2,500+ on-demand classes! For less than the cost of one studio fitness class, Obe is changing the game of at-home fitness. Classes are broken down into three categories, sweat, define and flow, and the program is customizable for your own fitness level and goals.

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Kickboxing is perfect for those people who want to channel some badass Million Dollar Baby vibes, but don’t want to get hit in the face. Combine high energy punching combinations, some kicking and you won’t even notice how hard you’re actually working!

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Acro Yoga

If acro yoga immediately inspires visions of crazy circus level acrobatics, don’t fear. There are actually tons of beginner level moves you can do! Acro yoga is great for building strength in your body, challenging your balance, all while improving your flexibility and coordination. Ready to tumble? Find a class near you or grab a partner (& a spotter!) and try it out!

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If you’re looking for a guided, positive and uplifting workout you can do at home, Burn by Rebecca Louise might be the one for you! With a focus on attainable, full-body workouts, you can knock out a workout in just 28 minutes. One added bonus is that most of the videos are filmed in gorgeous and serene locations!

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Pilates gets an upgrade with LaGree. You’ll do a variety of exercises you know like squats, lunges, plants and pushups, as well as unique movements done on transformer-esque machines. The machines are controlled by the instructor, who can tilt and change the intensity throughout the class. It’s high intensity, but adaptable, and gentle on the joints. Plus, it’s only 25 mins long!

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Tired of running on the treadmill, but looking for a new way to get your cardio in? Rowing is a great way to boost cardio all while engaging your core, hamstrings, glutes and upper body. Find a rowing group near you or splurge on a at-home rower for easy access any time.

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